World leader in cable transport

  • Transport aérien guidé
85 years on, and POMA’s pioneering spirit remains intact.
Today, POMA has become a key global player in cable transport. At the heart of our success lies a great deal of innovation, commitment and creativity, but also a very strong international dimension. We are forging links in the four corners of the world and helping to write the history of transport around the globe, with rigour and enthusiasm that are constantly renewed.

POMA is also a group of passionate, visionary people who take on challenges, break records and overcome obstacles to go further and higher. Our aim has always been to take the excellence of French know-how far and wide, transferring the expertise we have acquired in the mountain world to other sectors, such as the urban environment. We invent and build means of transport that promote gentle, sustainable mobility in the fields of urban transport, snow, tourism, science and industry.

Close to our partners and customers, we believe it’s important to create links. So we create links! It’s a philosophy that drives us every day.

– Extensive presence in 90 countries
– More than 1,500 employees worldwide
– More than 8,000 installations, representing a transport capacity of 6.5 million people per hour.
– Sales of 480 million euros in 2019
– 22 subsidiaries
– 5 centres of industrial expertise