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Working for a cleaner world and reducing the use of natural resources to save capital, energy and time

  • Active Mobility
  • Automobile
  • Cable Transportation
  • Off-road
  • Truck and Bus

Saint Jean Industries is a family business whose values are dynamism and innovation. Since its creation in 1962, we have always been able to innovate in order to offer solutions that are adapted both technically and economically. The COBAPRESS™ process is an example of this.

Saint Jean Industries has developed from a foundryman to a blacksmith, then from a machinist to an assembler. The evolution of our group is linked to a policy of continuous improvement in line with our customers’ needs. This is why manufacturers recognise the know-how and quality of our components throughout the world, in various industries, including the automotive, aeronautical, energy and chemical sectors.

Engineering, assembly, prototyping

Saint Jean Industries offers innovative solutions for the transport and energy industries.

Parts and complete systems engineering
Complete bicycle assembly
Integrated aluminium and steel manufacturing
Aluminium and steel foundry
Aluminium forging
Manufacture of aluminium structures: extruded profiles, bending, welding, etc.
Machining and assembly of components and systems
Anodising and laser engraving

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