the wireless beacon against fuel theft

  • Véhicule Industriel
Today insurance covers very little fuel theft and the consequences for highway carriers are costly: immobilization of the truck and driver, repair costs, repair of the tank, full of unbudgeted fuel, late delivery penalties… this is why, taking into account the recommendations of the road transport companies, we have developed the Securtank solution: deterrent, reliable, economical and plugand-play, says Cédric Galissi, co-founder of Securtruck.

Visible and dissuasive, the Securtank detector beacon triggers a 110 dB siren during an attempt to siphon the tank/tanks by one of the 3 modes mentioned above. Without assistance, the beacon is installed on the tank in less than 10 minutes by a patented non-intrusive mechanical attachment. Also, thanks to the controller installed in the truck cab, the activation/deactivation of the system is centralized in a single button and it transmits an alert notification on smartphone instantly.

In order to personalize the offer to each truck, single-tank Securtank packs and prepaired bireservoirs will be available for sale, and the rates are equivalent to full fuel. When the customer receives his order, he will be able to easily equip the trucks thanks to a 3-step assembly principle, without drilling or wiring, explains Alexandre Haberkorn, co-founder of Securtruck.

Securtruck is a Lyon company founded in 2021. It specializes in the development and marketing of wireless truck theft alarm systems. The Securtank solution is a product that meets an identified and immediate need. Other innovations are currently being studied with the aim of rapidly offering a range of secure wireless solutions for the surveillance and overall protection of the truck, its driver and its goods.