SEMCO Groupe

SEMCO TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading companies driving PV technology.

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Founded in 1986 and based in Montpellier, France, Semco Technologies is one of the most advanced engineering companies, specializing in the development and manufacture of photovoltaic and semiconductor capital goods supported by disruptive technology:

– Process technology solutions covering applications from PV production to flexible consumer electronics.
– Photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment, with specialties in reduced pressure diffusion, LPCVD, direct-PECVD and automation.
– Turnkey PV manufacturing plants, from silicon metallurgy UMG to solar modules.
– Next generation high efficiency solar cell technologies.

SEMCO Technologies’ main mission is to provide advanced industrial and technological solutions to the renewable energy industry. We are committed to providing timely, innovative and cost-effective products and services that meet our customers’ requirements through continuous improvement of quality and work practices.