Our mission is to support clients in the deployment of methodologies equipped by models to design and validate controlled systems.

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Sherpa Engineering is an expert in modeling and control

Our projects are part of the system engineering bringing together the design, construction and validation processes of technical systems and their control. The Sherpa Engineering offering is based on the systematic development and use of a consistent set of generic models at all stages of the design cycle.

Our core business is the modeling, simulation and control of complex systems. Our mission is to accompany our clients with services supported by a methodology based on models. Our service offering also relies on our ability to create tools that capitalize on the experience of completed projects. Through our modeling and simulation tools and our business libraries, we are in a unique position to support our clients by providing them with optimized studies and models as quickly as possible.

We have our own R&D activity based on technological partnerships with major laboratories (CEA, IRT, etc.). This clean R&D allows us to remain at the forefront of technological and methodological innovation.