SINTRAS Consulting

Bernard Favre is an independent expert and consultant, and created SINTRAS* Consulting in 2014.

  • Automobile
  • Truck and Bus
Background :
– Global R&D regarding vehicles and transport systems (all types),
– Vehicle engineering, architecture & components, performance and data, design processes, . Intelligent Transport Systems, Autonomous, Cooperative & Connected vehicles,
– Sustainable innovative vehicles, transport systems and mobility,
– Urban transport, mobility of persons and goods, urban logistics,
– Technology and innovation strategy,
– Safety of vehicles, HMIs, Vehicle noise and vibration, Energy systems,
– Multi-stakeholders project management,
– French and European R&D public-granted projects in vehicle/transport/mobility applications.

Services as a consultant at SINTRAS Consulting:
– Consulting, analysis and synthesis, technical expertise, technology & innovation strategy in vehicles-transport-mobility (persons and goods), from micro- (chips, membranes…) to macro- (full mobility system),
– Training, communication, organization, human resources, interaction and network management.

– Industry (SMEs and Groups – vehicle OEMs, suppliers, transport companies),
– Public bodies (agencies, national/local authorities, programs and projects evaluation & strategy on mobility and transport technology & innovation).

* SINTRAS is an acronym for « Sustainable Innovative Transport Systems »