Development of APOLLO Le Logisticiel. Simplifies the daily and helps with the decision

  • Véhicule Industriel
With 18 years of experience in consulting and change support for logistics-transport organizations, APOLLO is designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow: Fleet Management, Maintenance Monitoring, Tour Management/Optimization, Team Productivity, IOT, Environmental impact, CSR, … are all subjects treated by APOLLO. Our goal is twofold: 1/ By automating redundant tasks, we simplify the daily lives of users and optimize all operational processes. 2/ We consolidate data from the entire supply chain to provide key decision-making information. Machine learning and the progressive integration of AI make it possible to carry out simulations and predictions bringing a significant competitive advantage to all our customers. Intrinsically linked to the software, SOLARIS customers benefit from the support of our logistics and transport consultants throughout the life of the partnership.