High-density car storage solution for the airport and finished vehicles logistics industries

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At the origin of the idea:

In 2013, Clément and Aurélien worked on a vehicle capable of parking automatically. The technology imagined at the time works very well but is very expensive. They soon met Stéphane, with whom they founded Stanley Robotics. It is then that they discover the existence of car movers, platforms allowing to move vehicles without starting them. By installing their software on this type of platform they realize they can pool technology and cost savings! And instead of equipping cars that will be parked 98% of the time, they equip a robot that will spend 98% of its time parking cars.

2015, Stan’s debut:

On January 15, 2015, the company was created and very quickly the first prototype of Stan is realized in France, allowing to validate the technical feasibility of the service. These advances led Stanley Robotics to develop a first project at the end of 2015 with Aéroports de Paris.