Guided autonomous air mobility, the game change of urban transport

  • Transport aérien guidé
Supraways develops an autonomous, fast and sustainable public transport mode. A light infrastructure supports passenger cabins (7 to 9 people) and goods, called Supras (Solar Autonomous Rapid Customizable Urban System), that circulate over public spaces.

The system is organised in networks with interconnected loops and lines. Passengers choose a destination and go directly to the destination, without intermediate stopover, 3 times faster than with any other mode of transport. Solar panels cover the infrastructure and provide renewable energy to power efficient electric motors: there is no carbon emissions and little noise pollution.

The system will not be limited to users: the infrastructure will be made available to companies or communities using adapted vehicles for urban logistics transport. It will then be enough to connect the network to stations or platforms of goods. In the same vein, we want to offer physical and virtual media to advertisers and thus optimize revenues.