Sharing our vision of the energy transition and supporting its transformation

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With global expertise and an international presence, the Transdev Group offers integrated, reliable and multimodal mobility solutions that contribute to the harmonious development of regions and the well-being of their inhabitants.

Because getting around is essential for meeting people and working… our raison d’être is to enable everyone to get around every day thanks to safe, efficient and innovative solutions that serve the common good.

We are actively committed to the energy transition and to reducing the social divide. We connect and reconnect communities and rural and urban areas, providing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and passengers.

Attentive to the individual needs of our customers and passengers, our 83,000 employees work alongside local players on a daily basis. Driven by the ambition to improve the quality of the service we provide every day and to constantly respond to passengers’ needs, our teams are committed to creating tailor-made, inventive and efficient mobility solutions, for a pleasant and simple journey.

Developing the skills of our staff is a priority: through ongoing training and professional mobility, but also by sharing best practice and local experience among our teams around the world.

From the design of a transport network, to its day-to-day operation, to the search for innovative solutions for tomorrow’s mobility, the range of jobs within Transdev offers opportunities for professional development that will enable you to discover this exciting world.