Europe's only laboratory city dedicated to sustainable urban mobility and road equipment

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TRANSPOLIS is the only laboratory city in Europe dedicated to sustainable urban mobility and road equipment, with 80 hectares of full-scale urban environment to reinvent new urban mobility solutions with strategic partners.

Historically incubated within the CARA competitiveness cluster (formerly LUTB Transport & Mobility Systems), TRANSPOLIS is a unique site dedicated to urban mobility and transport systems to accelerate the implementation of major innovations in a multidisciplinary way, taking into account future uses.

The project was initiated in 2011 by major industrial players: AIXAM (POLARIS group – USA), CENTUM ADETEL, COLAS, EVE SYSTEM, RENAULT TRUCKS, VIBRATEC, and the IFSTTAR institute.

Today, TRANSPOLIS SAS aims to provide all the international players with a place where they can test their latest technological advances. Vehicles, energy, networks and telecoms, road equipment, infrastructure, the Internet of Things and urban furniture can all be tested under real-life conditions.

Located in the Ain plain, on a former military base covering more than 80 hectares, TRANSPOLIS is organised into several flexible, modular zones, configured to suit the different tests. This is a major first in Europe, as there is currently no other site of similar size and offering.

TRANSPOLIS’s objective is to become the undisputed leader in innovation and experimentation with disruptive solutions in the field of urban mobility.

TRANSPOLIS has completed a merger-takeover of the company L.I.E.R S.A., which provides digital simulation and testing services for road equipment.

The Syndicat des Equipements de la Route, co-shareholder of L.I.E.R. S.A., became a shareholder of TRANSPOLIS S.A.S.

TRANSPOLIS provides vehicle testing services at the RENAULT TRUCKS La Valbonne site.

TRANSPOLIS welcomes new strategic partners to its consortium.

TRANSPOLIS launches the development of its 80-hectare site.

New shareholders join the consortium.

New shareholders join the consortium: Fédération Française de Carrosserie and HIKOB.

Demolition work begins on the demolition platform to make way for new infrastructure.

The Berthelet Group invests in TRANSPOLIS.

September: the team moves into the new premises and the Fromentaux platform opens its doors to its first customers.