• Mobilité Active

Rethinking cities to transform them into sustainable cities, imagining innovative solutions to make urban life easier and more enjoyable, but also to facilitate the emergence of new businesses and job creation; TUBÀ is an association that has been working since its creation in December 2014 to weave links between the various players in the city.

Links between the public and private spheres, encouraging the opening up and re-use of public and private data through partnerships,
Links between major groups and SMEs, start-ups, the world of research and local authorities, as part of collaborative innovation initiatives,
Links with citizens, the real stakeholders in the city of tomorrow, involved from the earliest stages of the innovation process right through to the testing of the service, to ensure that it meets their needs as closely as possible.
Thanks to this collective intelligence and multi-partner, user-focused dynamic, TUBÀ is keeping pace with changes in the regions, new lifestyles and new expectations among citizens. TUBÀ embodies a new form of innovation that supports the economic development of businesses and the wellbeing of citizens in the city.