Insurance for soft mobility

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Ulygo is an insurtech company based in Annecy, specialising in online insurance for soft mobility.
We’re in a market that’s exploding in Europe and a real social phenomenon: by 2021, more bicycles will have been bought in France than new cars.
The bicycle is THE best-selling means of transport in France (42% market share) because it is the perfect answer to urban mobility and rising fuel prices.
Ulygo offers two products: Ulygo Vélo and Ulygo Nouvelles Mobilités.
Ulygo Vélo is online insurance for conventional and electric bicycles. Because protecting equipment is important, but protecting people is even more important, Ulygo has created an insurance policy that goes beyond simply covering theft and breakage of the bike.
Ulygo Nouvelles Mobilités provides insurance cover for all personal mobility devices: electric scooters, gyro-motors, gyropods, hoverboards, segways, etc….
For us, digital is above all about transparency, simplicity and the full stack.
Transparency: in concrete terms, this means giving details of cover and exclusions and making them legible and visible, all free of charge and without capturing customer data before the quote.
Simplicity: the vocabulary is simple, the proposals clear and accessible,
Full stack: we support the customer from underwriting, through contract management and right up to claims settlement. We manage and negotiate our terms and conditions with the French insurer Wakam, and manage the whole of Annecy.
Our main innovation, the creation of the “Ulygo complementary bike insurance”, or how to move from the question: how much does bike insurance cost me to how am I currently insured? And how to insure only the additional cover you need!
This innovation works on the same principle as complementary health insurance.
Thanks to our AI, we can offer prospects wishing to insure their bikes instant information, free of charge, on their existing cover under their comprehensive home insurance. Customers can then choose to take out insurance with Ulygo only for the additional cover not provided by their comprehensive home insurance, avoiding duplication of insurance and saving money!
Finally, we have just developed a totally innovative digital fleet insurance policy for local authorities, private companies, manufacturers, distributors and bike and scooter rental companies, with fleets of 3 to 500 vehicles!
Quotes, advice and contracts are just a few clicks away on Ulygo.fr