Innovation Track

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VapéRail International is a French company that has been specializing in the development of solutions dedicated to modern railroads and their environment for 40 years. Indeed, it was back in 1978, with the advent of the TGV high-speed train, that the SNCF called on VapéRail to develop a concrete anchoring solution that met the specifications of high-speed rail. VapéRail created PlastiRail® – a patented brand. PlastiRail® anchors have been on the track ever since.

Innovation is in the DNA of VapéRail, which has built up a robust and visionary industrial ecosystem that enables it to meet the most demanding rail infrastructure specifications.

VapéRail was a forerunner in the implementation of digitized track solutions, participating in the Digital Open Lab in collaboration with SNCF. Thanks to the ongoing deployment of technical and digital solutions to support its customers, VapéRail is able to analyze, anticipate, solve, plan and lighten the management burdens inherent in track operations. These activities are carried out by a team dedicated to innovation in a dedicated space: the Lab.

Safety and the environment are at the heart of our concerns. Externally, VapéRail is constantly striving to provide complementary solutions to customer processes, optimizing track and operator safety while respecting the environment. Internally, VapéRail has created an innovative building and ecosystem that puts social responsibility at the heart of its concerns.