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VibraTec, an expert in structural dynamics, noise and vibration, is active in industry, oil & gas, automotive, rail and aeronautics. Its international reputation is based on 30 years of solid experience in these sectors. As a partner in major national and international European research projects, VibraTec is a key player in innovation in vibration analysis and noise measurement.

VibraTec uses cutting-edge tools in acoustics, vibration and mechanical reliability to deliver high-value-added diagnostic results and solutions. Our recognized experience in understanding the physical phenomena of infrastructure enables us to control the process from design to commissioning.

VibraTec’s expertise in vibration diagnostics, measurement and analysis – modal analysis, acoustic measurement – makes it possible to understand and resolve vibration, acoustic, speed, stress or deformation problems on existing products. VibraTec carries out appropriate measurements on the vibratory dynamics of structures, enabling us to understand the physical phenomena at play and formalize a diagnosis: temperature, stress, speed, vibration, noise, stress or displacement.

All over the world, more than 100 expert doctors, engineers and technicians are on hand to respond rapidly, adapting to your technical standards and bringing you the benefit of experience gained in other sectors.
VibraTec shares its expertise through on-site or in-house training courses, in English or French.
Dedicating 20% of its sales to technical development in the fields of structural dynamics, acoustics, vibration and signal processing, VibraTec collaborates with numerous university laboratories.
Our efficiency is based on our responsiveness and technical excellence, enabling us to meet your needs within the time and cost constraints imposed by your programs.