Green mobility for all!

  • Truck and Bus
Watèa was born of an initiative by the men and women of the Michelin Group, driven by the desire to make their own contribution to improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions in cities.

A team with complementary expertise was then mobilized to support major groups and SMEs in the energy transition of their commercial vehicle fleets towards greener mobility.

In building the Watéa offering, we had a clear line: to offer our customers a fluid and reassuring experience to support them in their energy transition, and make zero-emission mobility accessible, sustainable and as simple as running water.

Our unique positioning as a mobility operator enables us to offer not only electric vehicles, but also access to an infrastructure of services specific to the needs of electric vehicles: recharging available anywhere and at any time, maintenance, assistance, insurance, and access to many other services.

From our first customers onwards, we continue to develop our service packages, designed to boost productivity and profitability while ensuring business continuity.

In July 2021, buoyed by the trust and support of the Michelin Group, we are officially launching Watèa by Michelin.

Why Watèa? Watèa is the combination of “Watt”, the flow of energy, and “EA” as in Easy Access.

Today, Watèa by Michelin is an independent team of men and women with varied backgrounds, linked by shared values and driven by a project rich in meaning.