Accelerator EIC Challenge

  • Toutes filières
  • Coordinators: Commission Européenne
  • Opening of application: 8 December 2022
  • Allocated budget: 2 000 000€ en subvention et jusqu'à 15 000 000€ (voir plus) en equity
  • End of applications: 4 October 2023
  • Project duration: 12 à 24 mois
  • Project submitted on: Appel à projet


The EIC Challenge Accelerator has several predefined thematic priorities, one of which focuses on funding projects involving emerging components of semiconductor or quantum technology.


This EIC Accelerator Challenge has two priorities:

  • Quantum technology components. This strategic area focuses on the development of emerging and fault-tolerant quantum computing hardware components (e.g. using different types of qubits and new methods for controlling them), quantum sensors operating under real conditions. Innovation in any segment of the value chain for the development of quantum technology components is eligible
  • The development of semiconductor components. Efforts to design chips with advanced nodes, offering higher performance, are particularly relevant. Chips using new semiconductor technologies and specific architectures (e.g. accelerators), which can deliver breakthrough performance improvements, are also targeted for funding

The EIC accelerator helps companies (start-ups and SMEs) to :

  • Developing high-impact innovations likely to create new markets or disrupt existing ones.
  • Developing high-risk, high-impact innovations (disruptive innovation).
  • Developing solutions based on scientific discoveries, radical thinking or technological breakthroughs (“deep tech”).

Innovation activities have already reached technological maturity level (TRL) 4 and are currently at TRL 5 or higher.

They require substantial funding over a long period before they can generate profits (“patient capital”).


This call for projects finances SMEs (< 250 employees AND < €50M annual turnover OR < €43M annual balance sheet total) or an ETI (< 499 employees).

If you are a “small mid-cap” company (up to 499 employees) established in an EU Member State or a country associated with the EU, you need funding for rapid scale-up and your activities are at TRL 9 level (commercialisation and market deployment). You can only apply for the investment part of this fund.

Be established in an EU Member State or in a country associated with Horizon Europe.

Applicants from the UK can apply to the accelerator, but are not eligible for the investment part.

Applicants for funding only must be established in a Member State or an associated country.

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