Hardware abstraction layer for an European Vehicle Operating System

  • Hydrogène
  • Coordinators: KDT-JU (Horizon Europe)
  • Opening of application: 7 February 2023
  • Allocated budget: 20 000 000 €
  • End of applications: 3 May 2023
  • Project duration: 48 months

Development of a set of software tools (software, debugging, continuous integration, automated testing) to facilitate development and reduce integration effort and costs; Demonstration of applicability through proof of concept and controlled environment experimentation, based on open source components where appropriate.


Creation of an open platform for Software-defined Vehicles (SDV) to facilitate the study, development and testing of the “separation of concerns” concept.


  • Define the basic functionality that should be targeted by software developers and that should be implementable within the vehicle and the software used;
  • Provide appropriate abstractions of the hardware resources to be managed by a runtime system and its services;
  • Propose integration concepts for new functional extensions and align with a broader VDS reference architecture, including middleware and user interfaces.


French partners must contact the national correspondents before submitting the “Project Outline”. The French promoters of a KDT JU project must, in 2023, have been selected by a national funding mechanism. It is the committee of public authorities of the Joint Undertaking that takes this decision under the French component of the PIEEC electronics and connectivity.

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