Thematic projects – Call 2

  • Coordinators: Interreg Europe
  • Opening of application: 15 March 2023
  • Allocated budget: Between 1 000 000 and 2 000 000 €
  • End of applications: 9 June 2023
  • Project duration: 48 months (+3 additional months for the end of the project)

The proposal should implement the following aspects: An exchange of good practice and experience, a maximum of one pilot action per project/region and communication and dissemination activities


The objective of this Interreg Europe project is to develop cooperation between EU member states on mobility issues, notably around two axes: 2.8 “Sustainable urban mobility for a zero carbon economy” and 3.1 “Intelligent and sustainable national, regional and local mobility, resilient to climate change”.


Promote cooperation on governance issues. This means that beneficiaries can cooperate on any topic of common interest, in accordance with their regional needs, as long as it falls within the scope of cohesion policy.


The members of the consortium must be public authorities, public law bodies or private non-profit organisations. These organisations can be national, regional or local authorities, as well as other relevant organisations responsible for the elaboration and/or implementation of regional development policies.

The participation of the policy authority as a partner is mandatory for at least 50% of the policy instruments addressed in a project application. For instruments where this is not the case, the authority must be involved as an “associated policy authority”.

It is important to note that at least one partner must come from one of the four regions defined in an Interreg Europe programme: North, South, East and West.

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