CESA 2022: International Congress

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Automotive Electronics as featured in Mechatronics Powertrain Controls, Vehicle Connectivity, Driving Assistance and Automation and the embedded Artificial Intelligence supported by “Big data” and Cloud architectures have long contributed to improvements in safety and performances and to reduce the environmental footprint of the automobile. They will have an even greater impact on sustainable mobility over the next few years.

More than ever the Electronic (including Consumer Electronics) and Automotive industries have to face strategic challenges and better prepare for our future. This congress will focus on how Automotive Electronics can further integrate sustainability and efficiency into the car itself, into new mobility and services, while the Electronics industry will continue its efforts to be fully sustainable. This focus will position CESA as the Key event on these subjects in 2022.

SIA CESA 2022 is organized by the SIA (French Automotive Engineers Society) with the support of the PFA (the Platform representing the whole French Automotive Industry), working in close relationship with the French Electronics industry. This deliberate industrial strategy underlines the strength of cooperation and convergence required of both over several years.
SIA CESA will take place on December 7/8, 2022, an important date after the two major storms  our organizations and industries have had to face since 2018: a shortage of components in  different sectors in the last few years and the globally disruptive COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on product development, production, and the supply chain.

Keynote Speakers, Roundtable discussions and technical sessions will alternate in order to discuss the subjects listed on the next slide, and give opportunities to capture, share and consolidate important information from VIP’s and trend setters.

Topics CESA 2022

Automotive electronics supporting sustainable mobility and new usages

  • From car centric to user centric and new usages : challenges
  • Electronics key enablers for energy savings in mobility
  • New frontiers for communication technologies and services
  • HMI and Cockpits in highly automated and electrified vehicles

Big data and Artificial intelligence in a trustable and sustainable environment

  • Software architectures and topology : optimizing a distributed intelligence from deep edge to cloud increasing global energy efficiency
  • « Small data / low power»
  • AI Modularity, standardisation, certification

Electronic Hw & Sw : design and sustainability

  • Automotive Electronics and Life cycle : Strategic Materials, carbon & environmental footprint, technical solutions to reduce, update, re-use, repair, recycle, supply chain robustness
  • Digital architectures towards more centralization and compatibility with more complex software
  • Power consumption reduction in and through electronics
  • Hardware innovation leading to performance disruptions in mobility applications

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