KEB e-mobility ... our goal is to develop innovative training solutions for sustainable mobility.

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Founded in 1972, KEB Automation is a German family-owned company with an international presence that employs more than 1,550 people, including about 1,000 at its headquarters in Barntrup. We are specialists in driving in the world of machinery and industrial vehicles by developing and marketing solutions such as: Clutches and Brakes, Motors, Gearmotors, Frequency Drives, HMI, Axis Controllers, etc…
KEB France, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KEB, sells all the Group’s products on the French market and has had considerable expertise in the field of Electro-Mobility for more than 15 years. We provide innovative solutions to vehicle manufacturers by offering dedicated and certified products, such as: Modular DC/AC inverter for auxiliary “HV” management within electric or autonomous vehicles allowing us to simplify the architecture of vehicles by centralizing the management of all the auxiliaries, Compact and silent Steering Pump, DC/DC Converter, Compact and silent Air Compressor, Clutches and/or electromagnetic brakes integrated in electric and/or autonomous vehicles.