Manufacturer of FREEGÔNES Cargo Bike & Last Km Sustainable Solutio

  • Mobilité Active
FREEGÔNES an Urban Delivery Solution that meets the challenges of Mobility, and new environmental standards (without pollution noise).

Agile, it can be found in small streets, low CO2 emission zones (ZFE), pedestrian zones, bike paths, riverbanks and parks and gardens, etc.

You understand his playground is urban.

Electric-assisted cargo bike for professionals

KLEUSTER, a mobility solutions manufacturer, designs FREEGÔNES: an electric utility bike developed and assembled in France. It is aimed in particular at professionals in urban logistics, but also those dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces and public space, or even food professions.

The concept? A robust and unique chassis that can accommodate five modules:
Dry cell, cold cell with three variants (isotherm, positive cold and negative cold)
Long or short tray with chest
Food with three variants: piano, showcase and half-showcase.

With a carrying capacity of up to 850 kg and 2m3, Freegônes facilitates access to places with a high population density (pedestrian paths, bike paths, paths on banks, bus and taxi corridors), nothing can resist it! It offers professionals the opportunity to access as close as possible to their clientele or their place of intervention.