Share EV charging points to facilitate the development of electric mobility

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Kolektivolt was created to contribute to the development of electric mobility, in buildings, in residential areas or in businesses. We benefit of 10 years of experience in electromobility to provide our client with a comprehensive approach from consulting to daily management of EV charging points.
We have developed an innovative platform allowing us to directly qualify the needs of end-users about EV charging. This innovation allows us to support our customers for the definition of their initial strategy and then in monitoring the demand (“droit à la prise”, progressive fleet electrification etc.).
With our installation partners, we deploy EV charging stations adapted to the needs and technical constraints. Kolektivolt stands out for its virtuous approach consisting, where possible, of deploying EV charging stations shared between users.
Finally, as a Charging Point Operator and eMobility Service Provider, we manage our clients’ EV charging stations and their end-users on a daily basis.
Kolektivolt thus facilitates the deployment of EV charging stations by providing these services, and by offering relevant economic models according to the use cases.

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