SIC Marking develops innovative permanent marking and identification solutions for the traceability of components.

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Our international company develops innovative permanent marking and automated identification solutions for the complete traceability of industrial components.

We offer high quality systems in all marking technologies: our marking solutions include robust and reliable laser, micro-percussion and scratch machines. They are designed to increase productivity and offer unmatched marking quality. Our product range ranges from standard machines to fully customized marking solutions. Our engineers can design specific systems according to your specifications… All our custom engraving machines are created with the utmost care to provide a functional design, quality, innovation and maximum performance for your production lines.

From autonomous turnkey systems to fully customized solutions, our marking and traceability machines are tailored to your needs and can be fully integrated into your production lines. Thus, we meet the requirements of the main industrial players: automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, oil and gas, construction and many others. We are a world leader in micro-percussion marking and our laser solutions offer many high-end options: 3D, integrated vision, HD, Datamatrix, etc. for all types of marking on all types of materials.

At SIC Marking, we believe it is essential to give priority to the customer with marking machines with exclusive technical know-how and unrivalled service.

With 9 locations and more than 40 exclusive distributors worldwide, our highly qualified technical service provides fast and efficient support to our customers worldwide.