Livinglab of mobility in Greater Geneva for one of the four parks of economic activities of regional interest having regional governance

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The ArchParc business park is located in Archamps in Haute-Savoie. The park is part of the cross-border agglomeration of Greater Geneva, one of the most dynamic in France and Switzerland, in terms of population, economic growth and wealth. Since the delivery of the first tertiary building in 1989, the park has known multiple entities: International Business Park, Archamps site then Archamps Technopole and Archamps Technopole. In 2018, the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region and the Communauté de Communes du Genevois undertook a work of refoundation of the park to make it the new service platform of Greater Geneva for the attention of the managers, employees, border workers, inhabitants of the territory.
This ambition was translated in January 2020 by a new brand, ArchParc, which is deployed on 4 major development axes: entrepreneurship & innovation, training of excellence, new mobilities and user experiences.

ArchParc is now one of 4 parks of economic activities of regional interest with regional governance.

On more than 60 hectares arranged and with 20 hectares of land available, 1,934 people come to work there every day, serving some 171 companies established on the park including beautiful signatures like Botanic, Vivacy, Meggitt Sensorex, Migros France, SCL International, Baiko, Transcure Bioservices, Keri Medical, etc.

In addition to hosting companies, ArchParc is positioning itself as a living-lab: a place made to test innovative products and services that involve companies, communities, individuals, associations, etc. In this spirit ArchParc is already a living-lab of sustainable mobility that hosts tests of autonomous shuttles and fleet of retrofited electric bikes.