La ligne verte

  • Fluvial
Coordinators: Pil'es
  • Logistics optimisation
  • Project duration: 3 years

Support for the greening of maritime container transport


The Ligne Verte (Green Line) is a collaborative change management initiative aimed at optimising the post-carriage of maritime containers between the Port of Marseille and the Lyon region.

A change management approach

  • Understanding and removing the obstacles to the use of alternatives to diesel road transport

A collaborative approach involving all stakeholders

  • Shippers, Freight forwarders, Transport operators, Infrastructure managers, Local authorities
  • Alternate work periods between players and between links


  • 2020: Understanding the context and challenges
    Mapping and mobilisation of players, production and presentation of a flow study, identification of 5 challenges (knowledge of the different transport organisations and their complementarity, a volatile market controlled by the shipping lines, education to rehabilitate bulk modes, helping shippers to change).
  • 2021 : Structuring and creation of a collective
    Mobilising and networking all the players involved, by organising collaborative business workshops and group days to share expertise, identify needs and draw up a shared diagnosis.
  • 2022: Deployment, experimentation and transformation
    Prioritisation of the 3 workstreams :
    • Project 1: Facilitate collaboration by sharing data between players in the supply chain (functional specifications with a view to proposing a tool)
    • Project 2: Modelling the full cost, including the carbon cost of transport
    • Project 3 : Studying the feasibility of a combined transport project
  • 2023: Capitalisation, assessment and outlook
    Produce deliverables, promote the approach, ensure it can be reproduced and define the conditions for its sustainability
La Ligne Verte


Flow study

  • Qualification of existing flows, identification of the determinants of modal choice and decision chains, consolidation of the range of alternative offers, +15 qualitative interviews

Installation of the collective

  • More than 10 meetings (collaborative trade workshops, theme days and visits) with all the players in the industry (importers, operators, organisers, infrastructure, etc.)

Removing obstacles and promoting

  • Raising awareness of the use of the noria, local partnerships being forged (training and awareness-raising for players at other players’ sites), better knowledge of the noria, etc.

Business profits

  • Supply Chain players join the Logistics Intelligence Cluster and become members of the network that federates the logistics and transport ecosystem in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Through La Ligne Verte, the cluster is consolidating its role as a trusted third party and its expertise in facilitating and supporting change in a local industry.

Not measured to date

  • New business relationships are being forged
  • Between committed players, specific support for the transformation of flows is being organised and networks are being set up.


2022 – 2023 :

  • Continuing to recruit players from the various links, scheduling meetings of the 3 workstreams once a month until April 2023, identifying objectives, deliverables and success indicators.

2023 – 20XX :

  • Finalising the deliverables, closing the project and putting forward proposals to perpetuate the work on removing organisational barriers to the use of the infrastructures and services available in the area.

The project partners