The voltage level of battery installations for sustainable waterborne transport

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  • Coordinators: Horizon Europe
  • Opening of application: 10 May 2023
  • Allocated budget: 7 500 000€
  • End of applications: 18 April 2024
  • Project duration: 36 à 48 months

The voltage level of battery installations on board ships is usually limited and complies with the regulations for low voltage installations. By increasing the voltage level of the on-board distribution system, the power conversion can achieve higher efficiencies and be more compact, due to the smaller conductor cross-sectional area and lower losses.


Contribute to the electrification of more types of ships, both for maritime and inland waterway transport.


Contribute significantly to the overall safety of on-board battery applications. Will need to consider: the form factor, the battery management system and the interface with the terrestrial electrical grid.


  • Actual costs (direct personnel costs; direct subcontracting costs; direct purchasing costs)
  • Unit costs and flat rate costs

Call for proposals : Achieving high voltage, low weight, efficient electric powertrains for sustainable waterborne transport

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