SOLUTRANS 2021 – We will be there

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SOLUTRANS is the biennial trade show for road and urban transport professionals, the crossroads of innovation and information on the most relevant and best adapted solutions to the evolution of the truck industry and to the service of everyone. The world crossroads for industrial and urban vehicles, SOLUTRANS will welcome you for its 16th edition, from November 16 to 20, 2021 at Lyon Eurexpo.


CARA once again SOLUTRANS partner ! Come visit us at our two booths !

STAND 2 D 053

Find us on SOLUTRANS 2021

CARA collective booth

On this 2021 SOLUTRANS edition, eight CARA’s members will exhibit their solutions.

Participating members

Aficar, expert in services and management of car and truck fleets.

Discover Aficar

Alphée Développement places energy conversion at the heart of the tailor-made solutions it designs for its clients.

Discover Alphee Développement

ERCTEEL is positioned in the fields of power electronics and energy conversion applied to transport and industry.

Discover Ecteel

Annecy Electronique was founded in 1973 and specialises in high value-added electronic equipment for the automotive and industrial markets.

Discover Annecy Electronique

Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest producer of comfort upholstery products.

Discover Carpenter

GreenGT is a company active in electronic-hydrogen technologies applied to motorsports, the mobility industry, as well as infrastructure and territories.

Discover GreenGT

Recycling and electrical retrofitting for special vehicles for logistics and industry.

Discover Neotrucks

Novum Tech specialises in solutions for the electrification of all types of vehicles, both as original equipment and aftermarket.

Discover Novum Tech

Styl’monde is specialised in thermoforming, cutting of technical parts and assembly of sub-assemblies.

Discover Styl’Monde

Action implemented with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, in the framework of the International Development Plan

Auto’Mobilités campus booth

Stand campus sur SOLUTRANS 2019
Campus Automobilités booth during SOLUTRANS 2019

The Auto’mobilités Campus Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with it partner CARA, labelled competitiveness cluster and regional cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, welcomes you on its stand in the training area.

n collaboration with professionals from the automotive and industrial vehicle industry, you will be presented with trades and training courses ranging from vocational training certificates to engineering degrees, as well as innovative teaching resources. You will be able to discuss the changes in these professions due to the development of new energy sources (electricity, hydrogen) and connected and autonomous vehicles.

Booth location to come

Come and discover the Formula Student car of EPSA, the Ecole Centrale de Lyon’s racing team

CARA’s conference at SOLUTRANS 2021

During this edition, CARA organise a Think Tank et and participates on a conference.

Every SOLUTRANS conference will take place in the Norbert Detoux space.

Think Tank : The Trailer of the Future, what developments for Road Freight Transport ?

17th of november from 16 p.m. 30 to 17 p.m. 30.

Road convoys are evolving. Soon, the trailer of tomorrow will be communicating, evolving, more efficient, and even… motorised? In a word, intelligent.

The exchange of data to facilitate the management of new uses for industrial trailers, increased aerodynamics and integrated energy recovery are all levers for improving the performance of end-to-end freight transport logistics, both on and off the road. The expected benefits are economic as well as ecological and societal, with technological issues as well as staff training and vehicle accessibility to the burgeoning EPZs.

Discover and exchange about this topic during the CARA’s Think Tank

The Think Tank will be followed by conviviality moment on CARA booth : 2D 053

A new consuming and transporting way

18th november from 9 a.m. 30 to 10 a.m. 30

Every citizen has changed his or her way of consuming, either through conviction or obligation. Without knowing that this change in daily habits has strongly modified the way of transporting the products consumed. We will compare the consumption of the French and the significant impact on the transformation of transport (including the repercussions of e-commerce and the position of shippers).

Our events on SOLUTRANS 2021


Participate to a CARApéro the november 18th from 5 p.m

Photo du CARapéro, événement de mise en réseau
CARApéro au Heat (Lyon 02) 2019

Since 2 years, CARA organised conviviality and informal moments for meet CARA’s members and prospects.

We are taking advantage of the SOLUTRANS exhibition to meet for a cocktail on the CARA stand. This is an opportunity to learn more about our activities, to meet the members of the CARA team and to meet the members of the network.

You want participate ?

Register at ! event limited to 30 peoples


Accelerator Auto meeting

Participate in the automotive accelerator meetings on 18th november from 11am on the CAR booth : 2 D 053.

The aim of these meetings is to introduce you to the programme of the 4th promotion of the automotive accelerator.

About SOLUTRANS 2021


Road transport is undergoing a revolution. A revolution in usage, of course, with digitalisation becoming increasingly prevalent in companies, but above all a revolution in the use of energy.


European and global regulations on the reduction of polluting emissions are pushing diesel engines towards the end of their useful life in the medium term, while commercial vehicle and light commercial vehicle manufacturers have been working on the post-diesel era for several years now.


It is therefore now a given that tomorrow’s road transport will be made up of diesel-powered vehicles for several years, while biofuels, gas vehicles, battery electric vehicles and, in the longer term, fuel cell (hydrogen) electric vehicles will continue to gain ground.


A complex energy mix, which will evolve every year, until the disappearance of fossil fuels in road transport in the very long term. During this long period of transition, we are all players in our success!


How to choose the right vehicle and engine? How to choose according to the use of the vehicle (courier, long distance…)? SOLUTRANS’ mission is to help you understand the regulatory, technical and competitive issues that will enable you to turn this revolution in your business into a growth opportunity.


In 2019: 900 exhibitors and companies represented:

  • +48% of exhibitors compared to the previous edition
  • +31% more new exhibitors
  • 27% international
  • 23 countries represented
  • 56,546 visits, of which 11% were international

92% of exhibitors satisfied with the 2019 edition of the show